Risk: regulation, measure and management

Lecturers:  A. El Alami and S. Scotti
Period:  Term 1
ECTS:  3
Schedule: 3 hours per week


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Course 1 (A. El Alami): Introduction : Identification, measure and risk management 


1. Global Intro to Risk Management  

    a. Risk taking

    b. Key classes of risk, their origins and potential impacts

    c. Tools and procedures used to measure and manage risk (Quantitative measures, Qualitative assessment, Integrated risk management …)


2. Financial Disasters (case studies)


3.   Model Risk

       a. Sources of Model Risk

       b.  Mitigation methods and procedures

       c.   Case studies of Model Risk


Courses 2, 3, 4  (A. El Alami) : Market and Counterparty Risks Measurement and Management


1. . Market Risk

a..  Hedging linear risk

b.   Trading and hedging Strategies using options

c.   Hedging Vanilla vs Exotic Options

d.   Complements of VaR measurement and Backtestin


2. Credit Risk

a.  Credit Risks and Credit Derivatives

b.  Counterparty risk 

Courses 5, 6 et 7 (S. Scotti): Basic concepts for quantitative analysis of financial risks 

- Valuation of financial risk. Factor risks. 

- Risk measures:  VaR, Expected Shortfall

- Agreggation of risk and coherent risk measures 

- Capital allocation, Euler principle 

- Multivariate distribution and dependence 

Course 8  (S. Scotti): Statistical aspects of risk measures    

- Empirical Quantile 

- Nonparametric estimation by historical simulation 

- Semiparametric estimation by Monte-Carlo

- Parametric estimation by analytical method 

- Extreme quantile estimators:  Hill, POT



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